Our Process

Coming into an Architect’s office you may expect us to all be tense and intimidating, when you come meet with our team you will be pleasantly surprised and how down to passionate and eager to get to know you we are.  

With most of our clients being referred to us by existing clients, you may already know what to expect, if you don’t, don’t be afraid come in and see us or give us a call

There is no need to prepare for this - just call and we will discuss your current thinking, dreams and ideas.

We arrange a no-obligation (or cost) meeting where and when it suits you. The process is easier than you may think 


Preliminary Design

A transparent conversation with our designers to establish trust in a collaborative face paced approach. We can guarantee that our team will pour their heart and soul into you project without the ego commonly associated with Architects.

This meeting is where we figure out what you want and need from your project, it is about your life and thinking ahead for future generations. There is a high level of trust required between us and building this trust starts during this meeting.

Be reassured that we are curious and interested in how you live, what you do, how you want to use your spaces. Interpreting this into a functional meaningful design is paramount.

There is a definite playfulness present throughout this stage, specifically when using opposing views and ideas of our clients to explore options and discover something special, the possibilities are endless. Let us impress you and leave you with a sense of excitement and wonder about what lies ahead.


Developed Design

This stage consolidates and reinforces ideas from the initial design stage. There is a lot of communication and decision making where learning and discovery is prevalent.

By the end of developed design, you will be able visually see your project, and a clear direction going forward, the different aspects and flow of the project. In consolidating the design, we fine tune every aspect until its perfect for you and your family. Decisions are constantly made, however there is always flexibility and the ability to change anything.

There is nothing better than seeing you, have a full sense of ownership and forgetting that we had a part in it, we want you to leave seeing ideas you have brought to the project come to fruition and feels your own. 


Working Drawings

This is the technical stage of the design as well as the biggest phase of work, developing the structure and method of construction. Will Tatton Architecture is actively embracing new technology within the office and new projects, future proofing your project. We are always learning and furthering ourselves, this translates to your project as we want the best, most efficient products for our clients. Enabling your wants and needs through new technologies and designs. Imagine you couldn’t make any changes, this stage is at your cost each change you make now costs more.

Each project has its own personality and bespoke details. Which we compile details by researching new tested and approved components that are tried and tested in harsh environments. Quoting Vitruvius, the three elements necessary for a well-designed building FirmnessCommodity, and Delight. Big ideas are translated into high performance buildings. 

We bring a collaborative approach to every design and fully utilize the expertise available to use to ensure we don’t design anything that cannot be built.

We will manage you project through to building consent approval from the local Territorial Authority. 


Pricing & Budget

Every design decision is a money decision, there are consequences, responsible decision making is paramount. We are responsible for ensuring that any choices made regarding the project are in line with the client’s expectations.

We are always budget conscience, mindfully aware. As Will said “I am always very careful when spend money, especially when I have lots of options”. We understand that time is valuable to you. We are respectful of your time ensuring that time is managed correctly.

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